janvier 01, 2006

Ubersitz 2005

At Ubersitz, the town of Meiringen in Hasli belongs to the "Triichler". They carry heavy cowbells and march in groups of up to 200 men through the town of meiringen. Every village has it's own tradition. Those of Hasliberg wear no costumes at all, those of Underbach prefer the traditional "Chiejermutz", and those of Isenbolgen try to costume themselves in a very traditional way, inspired by old garbing as it was worn a hundred years ago. They are called "Boozen" after the ghosts of the dead who live in the mountains and woods outside of the cultivated land. The origins of the Ubersitz go back to heathen times, when masked groups of young warriors imitated the fierce host of the alemannic god Wuodan. The tradition is still very alive today, and the people of Hasli are very proud of it.

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